At the base of every successful
business is sound financial advice
and business strategy


As you climb the rocky face
to business success

we'll support you every
step of the way


we can take you to
greater heights.

Once you reach
your business peak,

Welcome to Purple Patch Advisory.
We maximise your performance during every stage of your business lifecycle.

Running a business today is challenging. The world has become faster, the economy is tighter, competition has increased and your customers are far more discerning. As a business owner, there is a lot to manage – from the huge range of government and regulatory requirements to finding the right staff and managers who share your vision.

At every stage of your business’ life cycle there are challenges that require specific financial solutions unique to that stage and to your individual business.

At Purple Patch, we have helped thousands of businesses financially grow and succeed across a multitude of industries. We have developed accounting and business management strategies to address every stage of the business cycle including:

Start Up Stage – with its issues of profitability, market acceptance, establishing business structure, accounting management, managing cash reserves, sales expectations, establishing a customer base and market presence.

Growth Stage – where you are dealing with increasing revenue, customers and market competition that requires effective accounting and business management.

Maturity Stage (your Purple Patch) – when you finally get to see the fruits of your labour. You also have to manage increasing market competition and need to decide whether you expand further by moving into new markets, add new products/services or exit your business at its most profitable stage.